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Murloc Game
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Play as Murloc from the WoW in this massive RPG with 20 Talents, 50+ Items, lots of enemies to battle and lots of areas to explore....

This is an awesome and huge RPG game that will keep you busy for hours!!! In this game you have to play the role of Murloc from the World of Warcraft. The tribal chief has summoned you to help the tribe in this critical situation when no other warrior is around. Explore the different zones in the game and interact with other characters to continue your quest. Accomplish the missions assigned to you. But this is not that easy, you will encounter numerous enemies and other difficulties. Defeat the enemies, gather the items and purchase new weapons and skills using the money earned by you.Try to complete the game and remember that you can save the game progress from the options displayed when you Left Click on the""?"" mark at the top right corner of the game screen.Good luck.
How to play
Move Left: Left Arrow/A Key
Move Right: Right Arrow/ D Key
Run: Press & Hold Ctrl Key
Interact: Space Bar
Perform Action: Left Click
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