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Divine Intervention Game
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When the earth and the good people cannot take any more, they need Divine Intervention!...
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The city is in turmoil, for evil has risen from Lucifer's Gates and the wicked walk among us, the Pious. The Demons have overtaken the soul and flesh of the once normal inhabitants of this city, brutally slaughtering all in their path. You are a priest in this game, the town has gone mad with undead and people have gone insane. The aim of the game is that God has given you the responsibility to clear off all the zombies and restore peace. You must roam around the city with your weapons and send these zombies back to hell. Shoot down all the different kinds of zombies, but watch your head....Enjoy the game! Controls: Aim : Mouse pointer Fire weapon : Left mouse button Move left : A Key Move right : D Key
Jump : W Key or Space bar Crouch : S Key Toggle weapon : 1,2,3 Keys.
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