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Dressupwho added a new game Frozen Anna Dentist
Cute princess Anna was super busy with all sorts of things lately and she kinda neglected her teeth caring routine! Her smile is pretty ugly now and she needs the help of a super talented dentist to take care of it! This is your chance ladies to show off your amazing skills, so get this brand-new game of the Frozen series started and fix Anna's gorgeous smile making sure at the end it will be nothing else but amazing and sparkling white!
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Dressupwho added a new game Fruity Nail Designs
Our brand-new ‘Fruity Nail Designs’ game brings up a really nice tutorial on how to properly prepare your nails for a bright and well-done manicure, some bright colors for the cutest nail polishes that you’ve ever seen and a wide collection of delicious fruits for a complete manicure that will serve as an original accessory for your next, colorful outfit! Get it started ladies and discover everything we’ve prepared for you!
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Dressupwho added a new game Easter Egg Laundry
Get this fun Easter Holiday game started, join Wendy in her laundry room and give her a helping hand at washing the clothes she managed to ruin while painting the eggs for Easter! First of all help her separate the colorful clothes from the white ones and then put each pile in the washing machine and pour the right type of detergent to properly wash Wendy's clothes! Great job, ladies! Now let the clothes dry and meanwhile accompany Wendy in her dressing room to help her find a new outfit for today. Choose a cute, girly-girl top and match it up with a lovely pleated or layered miniskirt, a new haircut and with some glittering jewelries for a complete new look. Make sure you also take care of her makeup! Enjoy it!
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Dressupwho added a new game Vampire Nose Doctor
This is your chance girls to become world wide known for your great skills as a nose doctor, so put them to a major test while playing the ‘Vampire Nose Doctor’ game for girls! First of all, fix the re-tractor to make her nostrils bigger so you can see better and then spray some water to hydrate the nose before beginning. Use the right tools to perform the nose surgery and don’t forget to also take a closer look at a microscopic level, too! You need to get rid of the bacterias in order to help this cute creature breath normally again!
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Dressupwho added a new game Barbie Prom Haircuts
In only a few days from now she will be attending her prom and she’s thinking to give herself a major change for this event - would you like to help her obtain a modern chic new haircut for her prom? Get the ‘Barbie Prom Haircuts’ game started and prepare her gorgeous blonde hair-locks for the styling process by using the best shampoo on the market to wash it up and a delicate conditioner to give it a gloving of health look! Then you can use the scissors and cut it until you obtain the desired length and your favourite hairstyling tool to beautifully arrange Barbie’s hair for this occasion! Dye Barbie’s hair in the colours you fancy the most and don’t forget to also select a cute hair accessory for a complete prom haircuts! Have a great time, ladies!
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Dressupwho added a new game Bubbly Bubble
Your task while playing the ‘Bubbly Bubble’ fun game will be to guide a floating bubble in its super fun adventure through the world! Don’t you imagine is going to be an easy task… there will be a lot of pipes in your way, some of them up and others down, and you will have to avoid them in order to take your bubbly bubble as far as possible! Are you ready? Goooo!!
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Dressupwho added a new game Cherry Bloom Makeover
Do you know where are the most beautiful cherry blossom forests in the world? The answer is Japan! You can take this beautiful girl on an Asian trip to beauty and give her a real makeover that will make her refreshed after the long winter. Start with a facial treatment, continue with a fun make up session and don’t forget to also choose a lovely outfit to dress her up with! Have a blast!
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Dressupwho added a new game Clawdeen Wolf Haircuts
The first thing you need to deal with while playing this Monster High hair game is to properly prepare Clwdeen’s gorgeous long hair for the upcoming hairstyling session. Apply a delicate cleanser to wash it up, then use plenty of water to rinse the foam and a professional hair blower for extra volume. Once you’re done with the preparation part you girls will be invited to the next page of the 'Clawdeen Wolf Haircuts' game and style up her hair the way you want. This will surely be the best part of the game because you will get the chance to cut her hair and give it a stunning new line, then you can use different styling tools to arrange it as nicely as possible, not to mention that you also can select from a wide variety of colors your favorites to add some bits of originality to Clawdeen's brand new haircut! Next you get to deal with her make-up look and also choose a jaw-dropping outfit to dress up her for the day!
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Dressupwho added a new game Swimmers Armpit Makeover
Bella has been preparing a lot for this super important swimming competition but she totally forgot to take care of a really small detail and that is her hairy armpits. They look really bad and Bella can't afford this huge mistake which will sure look bad in front of the jury! She needs to take care of it right away, so what about you girls helping her out while playing the Swimmer's Armpit Makeover game? Use the right creams and tools to get rid of Bella's hairy armpits and then feel free to go to the next page of the game and help her put together a lovely look for tomorrow. Have fun, ladies!
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Dressupwho added a new game April Fools Dentist
So tell me, are you girls ready to play the best April 1st prank of the year? Get the 'April Fools Dentist' game started, play with all those professional dentist tools that we've prepared for you and begin working on the first part of your special joke! Pull out some teeth, drill cavities in the renaming ones and use a special tool to make some of them look bigger than supposed! And that's not all! Moving to the next page of the game you girls will find the tools needed to finish off your task in style! Choose from a selection of bold colors your favorites to color her teeth up with, then apply a pair of braces as well and don't forget to also check the collection of special stickers! Once you're done, look for a funky outfit to dress her up with for a complete makeover! Enjoy it!
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