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Niklec added a new game Hello Kitty Clouds
Hello Kitty Clouds is another game with your famous character Hello Kitty. In this fun sliding game your job is to solve the puzzle with Hello Kitty. On the image Hello Kitty is sitting on some cute clouds. Press play and start playing the game. Use your mouse to click on the pieces that you want to replace. If you have troubles solving you can click on the background to see which piece belongs in empty part. Try to finish the puzzle and then you can play again, but the next time it will be more difficult. Concentrate, turn the music on or off and start playing. Don’t hurry up you are not time limited. Play this fun game in your free time and have a lot of fun!
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Niklec added a new game Baby Daisy Gardening
Baby Daisy Gardening is terrific free online game for kids. Baby Daisy wants to be a gardener, but she is new in this job, so you have to help her. Your job is to help Baby Daisy to become a good gardener. So you have to teach her what to dress and what items she will need to plant some fruits and vegetables plants. After Baby Daisy learns gardening she can plant some fruit and vegetables. After she collects the fruits and vegetables, she has to decorate a fresh mixed fruit and vegetables basket to give her best friend. Once again she needs your help. At the end of the game you have to test your learning skills in gardening. Try to match the correct item with the correct activity. Have a lot of fun!
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Niklec added a new game Baby Daisy Summer Time
Baby Daisy Summer Time is very interesting game for little kids. Baby Daisy decides to spend a beautiful day on the beach. You are here to help Baby Daisy get ready for the beach. Help her pack her things that she will need on the beach. Try to pack the right things in the right luggage. After Baby Daisy gets ready, she can go on the beach. On the beach you have to give Baby Daisy every item she asks for so she will be happy. Here she can play in the sand, swim in the sea, play with her toys and many other things. Play this awesome game and have fun on the beach together with Baby Daisy. Enjoy the summer time!
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Niklec added a new game Princess Mulan Jigsaw
Princess Mulan Jigsaw game will take your breath away. In this game you can see a terrific image of the beautiful princess Mulan. Look carefully at this image and then press shuffle. It will split into pieces when you press shuffle. Your job is to solve the jigsaw and to put the pieces to the right place. The numbers of the pieces in this jigsaw depends on the game mode that you will select. You can choose from easy - 12 pieces, medium - 48 pieces, hard - 108 pieces and expert - 198 pieces. Select the game mode, turn the sound on or off, and turn the time on or off, press shuffle and start playing this free online game. I suggest you to turn on the sound because it is very relaxing, and also I suggest you to turn off the time and to play relaxed. This game will keep your attention for hours. Use your mouse to drag the pieces of the jigsaw to the right position. If you can’t solve this puzzle you can ask for help by clicking on the button in the up left corner, here you can see the image whenever you want. Enjoy!
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Niklec added a new game Cartoon Heroes Jigsaw
Cartoon Heroes Jigsaw is very cool game with an image of all the best cartoons heroes that every kid adores. Press shuffle and the image will split into pieces. Now get concentrated and try to set the pieces of the image to the right place. Choose from easy, medium, hard and expert game mode. Use your mouse to click and drag the pieces to the right place. Play time limited or remove the time and play relaxed. Turn the sound on or off. See the whole image again by clicking on the button in the left up corner of the screen. Play this terrific game and try to solve this jigsaw puzzle. Have fun!
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Niklec added a new game Baby Daisy Newborn Baby
Baby Daisy Newborn Baby is a brand new game with baby Daisy. Here in this new game Daisy is going to become a sister. But first, she must get ready. Your job is to assist baby Daisy and her friends Nyla and Jose while they make arrangements for the new born baby. You have to help them to take care of the baby after the baby came home. Its baby time and you have to be ready for the new born baby. First baby Daisy have to purchase items for the new born baby, then she call her friends to prepare the crib for the baby. Then they go in the park to have some fun and then finally the baby is here and they are trying to make the baby happy. Play this awesome game for kids and have much fun!
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Niklec added a new game Hello Kitty Balloons
Another great game with Hello Kitty is Hello Kitty Balloons free online game. One of the most popular cartoon characters that every kid adore is Hello Kitty. Nowadays kids are very fond of Hello Kitty. Here in this game you can see an image of Hello Kitty while is flying in the space with her balloons. You have to solve this jigsaw puzzle with Hello Kitty. First choose a mode then press on shuffle button to start playing the game. Select easy, medium, hard or expert mode and start solving the puzzle. The difference in the modes is in the number of the pieces. Try to solve the puzzle in the given time or turn the time off. Use the mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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Niklec added a new game Stylish Baby Dressup
Stylish Baby Dressup game is awesome free online dress up game with very cute baby. This super cute baby needs a stylist, so you are here to help this cute baby. Press play and enter this cool game. As this baby stylist you have to select perfect clothes. After you select the clothes you can select a matching hairstyle and a hat. Also you have to select a beautiful eyes color and a nice skin ten. Then you can select matching sunglasses and beautiful colorful baby shoes. Then also you can select a toy for this cute baby to play. You can select a ball, a car, an airplane and other cute toys. Use your creativity and dress up this baby in the most beautiful outfit. Use your creativity and style. Play this fun baby game and have much fun in your free time!
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Niklec added a new game Cute Minnie Difference
You have to play Cute Minnie Difference game. In this game there are images with Minnie Mouse, in some of them Minnie is with Mickey Mouse. In different level there are different images. The two images looks like the same but they aren’t. Your job is to find the differences. In each level there are 5 differences. Try to find all 5 differences in the given time. If you can’t, then you can remove the time and play relaxed. Try not to make more then 5 mistakes because the game will be over and you will have to start over again. Use the left key of your mouse to click on the difference when you find one. Now get concentrate and play. Have much fun!
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Niklec added a new game Baby Daisy Got Sick
Baby Daisy Got Sick and she must go to hospital. Your job is to take care of Baby Daisy while she is in the hospital and to make her feel healthy again. Give her medicament, injections and everything that is good for her health. While you heal Baby Daisy also give her some toys so she will be happy, and she won't cry. If she isn't happy you can lose the game. Give your best to heal Baby Daisy. Show off your medical skills. Play this game and give Baby Daisy the care she dеserves!
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Niklec added a new game Baby Daisy Bathing Time
Baby Daisy Bathing Time is very cute free online game for little girls. This cute baby Daisy loves to spend lot of time in the water. She loves bathing. Now it is time for Daisy to take a bath. She is in the bath and she is waiting for bathing. So, your job is to give her a refreshing bath. Use the shampoo and give her toys to be happy. After the bath, you have to change Daisy’s diaper and also you have to give her toys in the meantime to keep baby Daisy happy. And at the end of this fun game, dress up baby Daisy in the beautiful dress from the wardrobe. Play this awesome game and spend a very nice time. Have a lot of fun!
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Niklec added a new game Baby Daisy Diaper Change
Baby Daisy Diaper Change is very fun free online game for girls. In this cute game Baby Daisy is going to a small park near her house along with her mom. During the travel, Baby Daisy has slept and also made her diaper dirty. There is a baby care room available in the park, Baby Daisy’s mom decides to take the baby to the room and change the diaper. Help Baby Daisy’s mom to change the diaper and then make her happy by entertaining her. So your job in this game is to change Baby Daisy diaper. Follow the instructions in the game and try to make Baby Daisy happy. Also try to be fast because the game is time limited. Have fun playing the game!
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Niklec added a new game Fun Baby Difference
Welcome to this super fun new game Fun Baby Difference. In this cool game there are images of little kids. Your job is to find the differences on the images. In this game there are totally 5 levels, in every level there are two images. The two images are not the same, look at the images a little more closely and you will see that there are differences between the images. So you have to find the 5 differences in the images in order to go to the next level. Try to be very fast because the time countdown. Also try not to make many mistakes, because if you make more than 5 you will lose the game. This game is very fun so you have to try it. Play and enjoy!
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