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http://www.dressup24h.com - A fun and cute play games for girls and kids with variety of dress up games, coloring games, cooking games, fashion games, doll maker, disney games...

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dressup24h added a new game Jean Style Dressup
This girl likes youthful dynamic style, so her outfit choices are usually a jeans and T-shirt strong, sometimes they can be a bit naughty. But she's always confident and comfortable with his style, Today let's track this girl watching her choice is how.
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dressup24h added a new game Military Fashion Show
Fashions always is the concern of the female, Do you want try with military fashion_costumes of those warrior? Do you think you fit the fashion army so? Today I will show you the outfits that girls love, just use your mouse and choose. Have fun
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dressup24h added a new game Inuyasha Dressup
Inuyasha Dressup_Do you want to become a Ninja? A popular character in Japanese films have attracted millions of viewers around the world, children are interested in the Ninja outfit. Let's look at the Ninja costume. Have fun with this game.
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dressup24h added 2 games:
Harry Potter Dressup
Harry Potter is preparing for an adventure. With the familiar costume make new style for Harry Potter when he's near the castle, the glasses, book, pen or brush god ... all what you prefer you can create an image for his novel.
Harry Potter Dressup
Harry Potter is preparing for an adventure. With the familiar costume make new style for Harry Potter when he's near the castle, the glasses, book, pen or brush god ... all what you prefer you can create an image for his novel.
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dressup24h added a new game My Dream Love
This guy was sitting dreaming about his dream girl. all have a fantasy of starting a favorite scenes, as you will be a girl like that? beautiful? intelligence, talent, or personality, or all, I think that would be the perfect girl, you think so?
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dressup24h added 7 games:
Daisy is very hard-working, she likes to study in the library rather than at home. She is usually admired with study results as well as the fashion style by her friends. To discover, use the mouse to select with pretty books.
One day in the amusement part, suddenly Anna takes a photo. The photo looks very natural and she becomes prominent among the background. she has a set of newest fashion collection for spring. That also makes me curious and want to discover.
Nobita likes a girl at school, named Xuka. they are best friends, however Nobita has not talked about that yet. Today, he decides to date with Xuka to tell her his feelings . To prepare for the date, Xuka wants to change a little bit her costumes.
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Selena is a beautiful and attractive girl, she is a famous violinist. Before the show, she has to prepare well about costume, hairstyle, shoes and accessories to be more confident when standing in front of audiences. Discover and help her to do that.
On my father's birthday, I want to give him a surprise. This is a special gift but I have not idear to choose what yet. Maybe they are flower, cakes, pesents. It is difficult to select. Can you help me? All things are available, you only need to click.
A cup of coffee to start a nice day and a effective working day, this girl usually drinks a cup of coffee before beginning her work. Where do you like to enjoy coffee most? Beach?Restaurants? or on streets. Let make ideas and give this girl your choose.
I have a small garden, there are many flowers and plants there, Everyday spent alot of time caring that garden, in order to sprinklers for tree and flowers, that's my little fun, Do you want to have a small garden? join us with beautiful garden. costumes.
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dressup24h added a new game HAPPY BUNNY EASTER
People are eager to prepare for Easter, do you have bunny and fancy eggs? everyone will have the good luck if they get Easter eggs on this day, if you have not received it yet, let design a lovely rabbit and eggs with the images you like.
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dressup24h added 9 games:
Perfect Couple Audition
Jane and Jakson won in couple audition competition. They performed professional and attractive dances. Let's join in the lively tunes with the couple in this competition.
Fairy under the Sea
I still often dreams myself turned into a mermaid-like in the fairy tale, Today the dream did come back, it's funny because there are so many special costumes,I'm encountering difficulties because there are too many clothes.
Princess and the Frog
Passing a lot of difficulties and challenges, princess's love helped the prince from an ugly frog turning into a handsome prince, broke all of the witch's magic. They returned to the kingdom and have a happy life forever.
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Bowling Girl
To prepare bowling contest for girls at school, She has been trying to win and take a cup for her class. The date of contest is coming soon, she also wants to have impressive fashion style with active and sporty style and fashionable accessories.Help her.
Autumn-Winter Collection 2012
Autumn is here and the weather is so beautiful. Have you get ready for it? Choose your favorite style from the latest Autumn-Winter Fashion Collection by Dressup24h and get out to say "Hi" to the season.
Tinker Bell Fairy
Tinker Bell Fairy very beautiful, her wings are soft and colorful. she help to make the transition between the seasons and always helping people. Give her the style you like best and have fun with Tinker Bell.
Meet his parents
She is going to meet her boyfriend's parents for the first time. Please help her to choose the best outfit to make a perfect appearance.
Happy Wedding
Today is their wedding and it will be a nice memory as well as their most memorable moment. Help them have a perfect and happy wedding with the beautiful and gorgeous dresses and the best wishes for them.
Rainy day Dressup
She is walking on the street and surprise its rainy. So happy she brings umbrella and can go on the street in the rain with full color umbrella. Dress up for her and have fun time with her and the rainy day.
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dressup24h added 5 games:
GangNam style
Are you ready for the horse-riding dance? It's so fun and laugh. Now turn on music and have fun time together some your friends with GangNam style.
Beautiful MC Dressup
To prepare for a live show, this girl needs your help about fashion style. there are a lot of costumes designed for MC but the date today is very important. image that you are stylist and give her advice.
Planning for holiday
She has planning for a holiday in next week, she want to go Paris, London, New York and others places. So there are many things to prepare for her holiday. please help her!
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Iphone_unique style
A unique style for the girls have strong personalities, Iphone style, choose for your new styles, the style of dress, earrings, sandals, or the pair of glasses it's strange, it's easy to click the mouse for your selection. Be the change yourself.
Girl Gangnam Style Dressup
Do you think that a girl with Gangnam Style will attract more audiences? The special horse-riding dance for girls, available costumes and accessories will help you become perfect with this style. It will be more fun if having more friends to join in.
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dressup24h added 5 games:
Halloween With Father
Halloween is upcoming, William wants to make his family surprised. He had a collection to dress up for him and his family members. The yellow round on the right will help you choose costumes. And look forward to next part with his beautiful wife.
Halloween With Mother
Next part of Halloween with Father is Halloween world of women. there are a lot of unique costumes and accessories which will make you interesting and they will be suitable with all ladies with the impressive style.
Halloween With Daughter
Next Halloween game, you'll be going to the next part of the story to the event dress for my daughter in dressed to the festival, you can freely choose for themselves the most perfect outfit towear during the festival.
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Halloween With Son
Continue 3 parts of Halloween games, we will take you to costumes world for boys in this Halloween Festival. The impressive sound and images will bring you to the real Halloween Festival. Enjoy Halloween with the boy and his family!
Decor impressive room
Do you have your dream room with the luxury furniture and pictures? Image that you own a room like that and design for your own room with the colorful things following your style. With the available items, you only click on the item you like. Have fun!
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dressup24h added 6 games:
Barbie Fashion
Girls always want to become the most beautiful, Barbie style will bring you a brighter look. Do you want to be prettier and more attractive girls? simply with this game, you only use mouse to select.
Tom Dressup
om and Jerry can be considered as a century cartoon. All kids love watching Tom and Jerry and have you ever wanted to dress up for him? Let's enjoy the game and choose the costumes and accessories you like for naughty Tom. Have fun!
Twin Sister Dressup
We are twins and always go together to everywhere. People usually cannot distingush between us, that makes lots of troubles. Help us have 2 different styles from unique costumes above!
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Jerry Dressup
Look! Jerry looks so cute and impressive. today,he has a date with his girlfriend. they will have a romantic date in a garden with full of sunshine and flowers. Can you suggest him costumes for his date? Relax with this unique game!
Mimi Diva Makeover Game
Mariah Carey_an American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress. She made her recording debut in 1990 and then left the audience impressed, Please help her create a new style in the evening session disposition occurs.
Lion King
If you live with a wild animal, what do you think? Today,I will take you to the garden where lovely animals are living,can you arrange them following your interests, only click on items with wonderful sound and images that will make you have relaxing time.
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