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enjoydressup added a new game Baby Easter Nails
It's time to celebrate! The Easter it's almost here so we thought you might need some inspiration in achieving the perfect nails! Get your ideas from this lovely new Enjoydressup game: learn how to make the perfect manicure, how to take care of your hands and nails, and last but not the least how to decorate them so they will look extremely cute!
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enjoydressup added a new game Four Seasons Spa Day
Hello girls! Have you ever thought how it would be to enjoy all of the seasons at once? I think that would be a really great experience. So why don't you try it? In this new fun spa game that we have prepared for you, you can do that.
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enjoydressup added a new game Candy Doll Creator
Create your own candy doll and make lots of combinations to create totally different looks in this fun new game!
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enjoydressup added a new game Halloween Spa Day
We have a great new game for you, especially for Halloween, your favorite holiday. In this great new spa game you will get pampered from head to toe in order to look gorgeous for Halloween. Get the perfect manicure, a relaxing massage for your back, a gorgeous hair treatment and a fabulous face painting makeup. Last but not the least, pick from all the cool Halloween costumes the one that you like the most!
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enjoydressup added a new game Barbie Jelly Swirl Cheesecake Slice
Hello girls! Today we have a new recipe for you, this time from the adorable Barbie, who as you already know, is a renowned talented chef. Barbie's passion is cooking, and she cooks as much as she can, always trying new recipes and inventing new ones. She has a lot of imagination so everything comes naturally to her. Today, you will have the possibility to cook with Barbie and learn some cooking tips and tricks from her.
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enjoydressup added a new game Fruitilicious Spa Day
Have fun at the Fruitilicious Spa, get a flawless waxing, a perfect pedicure and a relaxing massage for your back. Choose a happy color for your eye shadow, eyeliner and lipstick and your mood will boost instantly, I bet. You will feel happy and charming dressed up in all the beautiful fruitilicious dresses. Pick your favorite one and don't forget to accessorize it with a nice chic pair of sunglasses or a cute necklace.
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enjoydressup added a new game Royal Spa Day
Hello girls! We have a new spa game for you that I'm sure you are going to love! Today we will take you to a haven of peace and relaxation: The Royal Spa. You will feel just like a queen for one day and you will surely be treated like one. This place is specially designed for relaxing so prepared to be pampered from head to toe and leave the place with a big smile on your face.
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enjoydressup added a new game Bugs Bunny Carrot Cakes
Hello girls! Today you will have a challenging task. Guess what? You will have to help Bugs Bunny prepare a delicious recipe with a key ingredient. Can you guess what that is? Carrots, of course! The only problem is that Bugs Bunny isn't very skilled when it comes to cooking and he tends to make such a mess in the kitchen that's why he could really use your help, girls! I bet that you could help him bake the delicious carrot cakes in no time!
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enjoydressup added a new game Barbie Ever After High Spa
Barbie has been feeling under the weather lately so her friends have thought of something to cheer her up. They will take her to the most fabulous spa: The Ever After High Spa, the Spa where the children of the famous fairy tale characters relax in royal style. The appointment is made and now Barbie will definitely relax, get pampered from head to toe and feel much better.
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enjoydressup added a new game Winnie's Honey Cupcakes
Hello girls! We are back with a new delicious recipe and this time your guide is the one and only Winnie The Pooh. We know how much you like him that's why today he will teach you his special dessert recipe: Winnie's Honey Cupcakes. I guess that there's no need to mention that the special ingredient for this recipe is something that can't miss from Winnie's kitchen: honey.
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enjoydressup added a new game Blossom's Pink Mini Cheesecakes
Hey girls! Do you remember Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls? She is the leader of this group of super hero girls and I bet you know a lot of things about her like her signature color-pink, the fact that she is determinate and ambitious and the fact that she can freeze objects with her ice breath. What you probably didn't know yet is that Blossom is a very good cook. She likes to cook for Bubbles and Buttercup and she makes them very happy with her sugar sweet recipes.
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enjoydressup added a new game Tea Time With The Girls
I bet that all of you girls have a best friend with whom you share all of your thoughts and dreams and who can cheer you up instantly when you have had a bad day. If that applies to you, you are one lucky girl! Today I am meeting with my bff at the most chic tea place in town. Help me prepare!
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enjoydressup added a new game Tropical Spa Day
A day at the tropical spa is a pure delight. Just try and see! Start your day with a luxurious fruity facial treatment then continue with a relaxing massage and a perfect manicure. Choose a tropical inspired hairdo with pretty flowers in your hair and a lovely delicate chic outfit that says 'wow'. A professional make-up will make you look stunning and charming! The tropical color are happy and they will boost your mood for sure. Last but not the least, choose a daring color for your nail polish that will fit the whole tropical theme.
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enjoydressup added a new game Smurfette Raspberry Cookie Bars
Hey girls! We know how much you like to cook and try new amazingly delicious recipes that's why today we have prepared a surprise for you. Prepare to be amazed: the sweet and pretty Smurfette will teach you how to cook an amazing dessert: raspberry cookie bars.
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enjoydressup added a new game Egyptian Spa Day
The ancient Egyptians had a number of beauty rituals and their obsession for beauty, youth and perfection it's quite renowned. That's why Egypt is the perfect destination if you want to relax and spoil yourself with all kind of spa treatments, but also enjoy some breath taking landscapes. Only a few spa resorts have kept the ancient secrets of eternal beauty, and today we will take you to one of these spas to enjoy yourself and feel fabulous.
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enjoydressup added a new game Demolition Crane Parking
Cranes have a lot of utilities and today you are going to explore and exciting one: destroying buildings! Drive your crane with care and deliver a bomb next to the building you want to destroy. Make sure you get out of the way when it explodes so you will not damage your crane. Then clean up the debris from the street and take it to the collection center. Destroy two buildings before the time runs out in order to win the game. Have a blast!
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enjoydressup added a new game Magical Spa Day
There are days when you might think that only magic will make your day brighter and happier. Today we will take you to a special place where you will be able to relax and feel special and fabulous: The Magical Spa. This spa is an exclusive place where only the privileged may enter, such as magical creatures, fairies and witches. But for today we'll let you peak inside and see what happens to a magical spa.
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enjoydressup added 2 games:
Elements Makeover: Wind Princess
Nature has five major elements: earth, water, ice, fire and wind, each of them being ruled by a suited princess. Today you will meet one of these princesses: a gorgeous breath-taking princess that will impress you with her natural wild beauty- the wind princess. She has a unique style, I tell you girls and today it is a lucky day for you because you will have the chance to see and help her with her beauty routine.
Barbie Look- Alike Makeover
We all know who the most famous doll in the world is, don't we? It's Barbie! All the little girls dream about being as beautiful as her. In this exciting makeover game called Barbie Look- Alike Makeover, you are going to have the opportunity to make a beautiful young lady look just like Barbie. Enjoy, ladies!
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