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freegameswow added 2 games:
Pou Kissing
Pou and her lover want to have a good kiss but there are always someboby disturb them. Please help them kiss and not be exposed!
Lightning Mc Queen Car Wash
Lightning McQueen is going to race with other cars. But why is he still so dirty? It will have bad influence on his racing. Let's wash him clean. So he can run for the champion! Have fun!
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Male and Female Thief
Once upon a time there was a "male and female thief" couple who were dedicated to rob the rich and assist the poor. They want to steal the bearded King. There are plenty of gold in the palace of the bearded king...Be careful of the bearded king and the guards patrol.
Spiritual Guardian 6
This time the demon has sent out thousands of troops to attack the heart of human. The Spiritual Guardian of the heart must shoulder the task of protecting it. Let's help him defeat the demons!
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freegameswow added 3 games:
Surround The SpongeBob
Come together to successfully surround SpongeBob! The shorter time you use, the higher score you will get. Have fun!
Sounds of Nature
Do you like playing piano? Do you like the piano music? If you like it, let's try to chanllage typing the letters coming from the piano!
Beauty Makeover and Dressup
The game consists five steps: Facial massage,Body massage,Manicure,Facial Makeover,and Dress up. Hope you will enjoy it!
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freegameswow added 5 games:
Quick Unhook The Bra
In this funny game, beauties are busy changing clothes because they will be on stage soon. But they can't unhook their bras. Let's help them unhook the bra. Or they will be late! Act quickly!
Autum Jasmine Dress Up
Jasmine's going out for a nice autumn walk. Can you give her a make-up that fits to the season? Eye shadow, mascara, blusher, lipstick and different hairstyles, it's all available, so go ahead and make it something beautiful! Enjoy playing this make-up and decoration game!
Barbie Massage
Barbie is very tired and stressed. She needs a relaxation massage. Now please make her relax. Have fun!
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Tom Cat Mining
In this funny game, you will help Tom cat to dig mines and transport them. You can earn money to upgrade Tom cat's mining car until you carry the whole gold mine away! Have fun!
Beauty Jigsaw Puzzle
The game is a perfect choice for those who loves beauties. Actually we all love beauties, no matter if you are a boy or a girl. So I am sure sure you will enjoy it!
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Sniper Mission Save The Beauty
A gang of criminals have occupied the building. Now please quickly pick up your weapon to save the hostages in it.
Laundry And Sort Out Bedroom
Girls, can you sort out your bedroom by yourself? It is not complicated, but Lily is too small to clean the bedroom, so would you like to help Lily sort her bedroom? It's really a messy room. Let's pick up the trash and throw them in the garbage bin first. Then wipe the furniture and pick up the dirty clothes for washing. You also can skip the step and wash the clothes first. Washing the clothes is very easy for you, because you can use the washing machine. Then hang the clothes on the rope. Don't forget to iron the clothes and then put them away. Come on, have fun with this game!
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freegameswow added a new game Comic Stars Fighting 3.4
Comic Stars Fighting 3.4 is an excellent fighting game in which you can choose both single mode fighting and 2 players fighting. Come to choose your favorite character and fight with your friends! Experience the excitement of being a knight, killing enemies using your stunning magic Kung Fu skills. Let's see who can survive at last!
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freegameswow added a new game Bloody Mario
The mushroom men are fighting with Mario all the time. Now mushroom men get together to attack the Mario's home again. Mario uses varities of weapons to fight with the mushroom men, come to help Mario guarding his home and killing all the mushroom men.
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freegameswow added a new game Bean and Boy
Bean and Boy are best friends, they do everything together! They love their pets.The eagle likes making fun of Bean and boy. It stole their pets. The eagle hids all the pets in the forest. Bean and boy have to find their lovely pets there! An adventure begins!
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freegameswow added a new game Naruto Great Fight
Naruto get a series of task to finish. It is a hard adventure. Find and accept the task, and then go kill these rabbits, wolves and other monsters! When naruto has only half of the HP, being attack will generate anger, and full anger will lead to the outbreak of nine tails. Let's see who can fight best!
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Dora School Uniform
New semester begins today. Dora?has to go back to school. Please help her?choose the most beautiful new uniforms for her new day!
Spiritual Guardian 3
Spiritual Guardian 3, you are the Spiritual Guardian of the heart! The heart is under attack. As its guardian, will you shoulder the task of protecting it?
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freegameswow added 3 games:
Tom Cat Trampoline
Come on! let's play the funny and exciting trampoline with Tom cat! You need to help Tom cat jump higher and higher! Have fun!
Rapunzel Princess Fantasy Hairstyle
As we all know, a good hairstyle can make you look great no matter what you wear. If hair is amazing, then the whole looking is amazing. So a good hairstyle is very important for your overall appearance. Rapunzel Princess likes making new hairstyle too. Can you help her? Considering that her hair is going through so many changes it needs special attention. Let's begin.
Transformers War
Four years have passed since the Battle of Chicago and humanity has grown fearful of the Autobots and joint combat operations between them have been severed. With the aid of the Transformer bounty hunter Lockdown,Cemetery Wind, an elite organized CIA unit, is tasked with hunting down the remaining Decepticons, is also secretly hunting down Autobots. To protect themselves,transformers have to hide their tracks and disappear from the scene!
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freegameswow added a new game Decorate Frozen Castle
Hi,kids!In this game,you can decorate princess Elsa's frozen castle as you like!Use your imagination and create your own castle!Have fun!
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freegameswow added 3 games:
Pretty Goat Making Mooncake
The Mid Autumn Festival is coming, the pretty sheep will teach you how to make the ice skin moon cakes, white ice skin with egg yolk and lotus seed paste seems to be delicious, come and have a try!
Dress Up HitmanReborn
HitmanReborn tells us a story about a boy growing up to be a good leader. Now let's dress up the hero of the story!
Lover of Saiunkoku
"Saiunkoku Monogatari" is Yukino Sai's debut work which takes love, friendship, family and imperial power struggle as its subject. It is popular in many countries and loved by girls. Now let's give the lover of saiunkoku a great dress up!
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freegameswow added 3 games:
Frozen Magic Remove
Allen Dale Kingdom, living with two lovely little princess, Aisha and Anna. Aisha was born with the ability to manufacture ice, along with the growth of the age, her ability is more and more strong, even at the risk of her sister's life away. Aisha created their own kingdom of ice, and Allen dale is in terrible cold.
Island Tour
The pretty girl plans to spend her holiday on this beautiful island. Will you help her pick the best outfit for the tour?
Big Talk Marksman
Fist can't be fast than sword, and sword can't be fast than bullet. You can use many kinds of skills and weapons in the game to win the battle!
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freegameswow added 5 games:
Hair Design NO2
This is a very creative hair design game. The game is divided into two patterns: challenge mode and free mode. There are 12 levels in challenge mode. At first, you need to wash hair for model. Then you can design the hair style for model using the hair tools. You must make sure that her or his hair style and accessories are similar to the image which is given. As for the free mode, you just need to give full play to your imagination. You can design hair style freely according to your mind.
Talking Ginger New Semester
New semester begins! Talking Ginger would be back to school. Let's help him prepare for the day. Brush teeth, wash face, clean the claws and ear, and then put on new clothes and bags. Give him a great new look so he will be happy back to school. Have fun!
Kristoff Kiss Anna
Kristoff and Anna fall in love with each other on their adventurous trip to save the Kingdom.But they don't want others know about that.Let's help them cover their relationship from Elsa and Olaf.And they will kiss each other secretly!Have fun!
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Repair Optimus
In the war,Optimus was stabbed in the chest by Lockdown and was nailed on the wall.In the critical moment,his friends came to save him and killed Lockdown.But they failed to catch Galvatron.At the same time,Optimus was seriously wounded.He needs our help.Please do whatever you can to repair him.Let him go back to the battle again!
The Ghost Palace
The ghost palace is the evil lair. Red warrior finally reached there and a huge fight is about to begin. Come on! You will help the red warrior beat all evils! I believe in you!
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freegameswow added 3 games:
Spiritual Guardian 2
You are the Spiritual Guardian of the heart! The heart is under attack. As its guardian, will you shoulder the task of protecting it?
Transformer Vs Monsters
This time the hero of the Spiritual Guardian is the transformer! The heart is under attack. Monsters are all very strong. Will you successfully beat them?
Little Baby Care
This is a cute baby. She is very happy in bed now. But her mother is going out. She needs your care. You should note taht the baby may have dirty diapers. When the baby cry, you need to check her diaper, give the baby a good clean up, put a new diaper, and then coax the baby to be happy. At last, you can dress up the baby and make her look more cute!
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freegameswow added a new game Colorful Dream
Colorful bricks, colorful dream, in view of the colorful world, eliminating the colorful bricks, it can achieve their dreams.
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Care Baby Platypus
Today, we will take care of a cute platypus, he has been playing outside all the day, now he is full of mud. Let him take a shower, feed him, and play with him! Have fun!
Transformers Energon
There are many mutant monsters in the desert, released by Galvatron and Megatron, are preparing to lanuch a general attack to Asia. Optimus Prime comes to crush the evil conspiracy.Do not let the corrosive monsters get close, or the game will over. You target is to kill the more mutant monsters as you can, and get energon.
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freegameswow added a new game Cute Baby Dress
Shelly is a very cute and obedient baby in the nursery. Do you want to help the nurse take care of her today? You will have a good time to spent the day looking after her. But be careful to be a good nurse, give her what she needs and keep her happy!
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freegameswow added 4 games:
Hair Design NO1
You have a shop named Hair Design NO1. You job is to help girls design beautiful hairstyle which suits their temperament and give them advice on matching outfits and accessories! Now there is a customer, see who can make her look best at last!
Barbie Puzzle
Restore the jigsaw puzzle and have the vivid display of barbie's life! You gonna love it! Have fun!
Spiritual Guardian
The Supreme Strygwyr finally appeared! He was born in ignorance and has powerful magic strength. Simple assault is difficult to subdue him. Besides, he has sommoned the evil power to help him. To beat him and to protect the spiritual heart, the fighter must have higher wisdom! Combat! Juvenile! Combat! Spiritual guardian!
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Pou Fix Spaceship
Pou driving his spaceship crashed on a strange planet. He must collect 8 important parts to fix his spaceship! Let's go adventure with Pou in the planet. He needs to overcome kinds of difficulties and collect all important parts to complete the adventure and escape from the strange planet!
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