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freegameswow added 3 games:
Ice Cream Shop
The hot summer has arrived. Pleasant goat runs a ice cream shop! Come and help him run it well, making favorite ice cream for the customers in the village!
Doctor Cat Nose
The cat is running a fever now, its nose is all bunged up and the parasites make it feeling awful. It needs your help right now. First, blow its nose; Second, clean up the nasal cavity. Then the most important thing is that using the spray kill off any parasites. You should be careful with this step, because different parasites need different medical tools and the parasites are hiding away in the nose, so you should use the medical microscope seek out them one by one. After all of steps, let's dress up the cat and make it more lovely. I believe you will be a good doctor and the cat will be very grateful for you!
Show Time
Photos witnessed the growth of every one in the world, we can see the time flies through the photos. let's go back to the childhood by seeing this old photos.
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Non Stop Hammering The Cat
In this game,there will be many of your favorite characters like Doraemon,hellokitty and so on.What you need to do is keep hammering the bricks to get higher score!Have fun!
Optimus Breakout
Optimus transforms into autobot form and is besieged by many tanks. They want to kill Optimus. We have to stop them. Let's help Optimus breakout. After every level, we can use money to upgrade equipment of Optimus and make him stronger. Let's have a challenge! Have fun!
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freegameswow added a new game AngryBirds Run in Space
The spacecraft crashed, quickly to help angry bird rescue crew!
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freegameswow added 4 games:
Squeeze Elsa Pimples
Pimples are troubles of every young girl, including beautiful Elsa. In this game, you will cure Elsa's pimples step by step, and finaly you can help her recover her pretty face! Have fun!
Pou Shoot Monster
Pou came to a strange planet for adventure. There are many strange monsters. Let's help Pou kill all monsters with his laser gun!
Tom Cat Shaving
Pou came to a strange planet for adventure. There are many strange monsters. Let's help Pou kill all monsters with his laser gun!
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Cool Crazy Taxi
In this game, you will become the taxi driver to run your car in the city. You can earn money by carrying passengers and buy better cars. And please be careful, any car accident or hitting on passers-by will cause loss of money! Enjoy this cool car games! Have fun!
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freegameswow added 3 games:
Two Beauty Fart
When the girl at the bus stop, suddenly belly uncomfortable, want to fart but again afraid next to the boy heard, but the car voice to disguise... How long can you have a look!
Baldy Penalty Shootout
The World Cup began, the bald strong as a goalkeeper, have a look you can score many goals.
Chicken Duck Brothers 2
Chicken Duck Brothers are fond of adventure. This time they came to a new world to collect gems. What kind of adventure it would be? Let's quickly enter the game to help the brothers! Be cautious of other animals!
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freegameswow added a new game Fantasy Land Of Elves
Every June, the elves will invite some girls in the earth to the fantasy land help them dress up. I want to go there this June, do you want to go with me. You will have a chance to take part in their big party. Come on, Let’s go! There will be a big surprise.
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freegameswow added a new game Hit Worm
many worms dropping from roof, they are running to the cake, use your hammer hit them, and protect the cake.
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freegameswow added 3 games:
Pou Shaving
Pou hasn't shaven for himself for such a long time! Look! His beard is so long! Let's take good care of it. Be careful and don't hurt his face!
Thomas Transports Football
As Brazil is gripped by the 2014 FIFA World Cup fever, Little train Thomas comes there too! But his aim is not to watch the exciting football games. He comes to transport the match ball for this great feast! Have fun!
Pou Kitchen Slacking
Pou got a job as a restaurant chef. Did he fit for this job? Let's help him complete all task!
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Tom cat can not bear Ben's bully on him anymore! So he asks Ben to have a fight with him! The loser will have to be servant for the winner for a whole week! Who will be the winner of this cat vs dog fight? Let's have a try!
Titanic Go Go Go
The sink of Titanic makes us so sad!But in this game,we will change the history and convoy this great ship!Can you protect all the people on Titanic and the love between Jack and Rose?Have fun!
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freegameswow added a new game The India Princess
Challenge yourself in this India Princess games and help her dress up more pretty than usual! You check out her fancy wardrobe and make the best choice in picking up the best clothes, accessories, shoes and hairstyles. She is waiting for you! Come on !
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freegameswow added 4 games:
Lazy Goat Eat Cake
Use arrow keys to help lazy goat eat all the cakes in the map; the less time you use, the higher score you will get. At the same time, be careful of the traps on the road and avoid Wolf.
Open beautiful clothes
Another game of fun! Open beautiful clothes!
Perfect Pou Couple
Help Mr.Pou and Mrs.Pou get together. Have fun with this physics puzzle game!
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MaoMao Transport Fruits
Gigi picks apples in the tree, and Maomao needs to catch apples below and transport them to the left side of the basket. See how many apples you can carry!
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freegameswow added a new game Angry Birds Bomber Bird
Naughty birds are play together.When they touch each,they will disappear!With other wolds,they fly away.It is a funny and happy game.Do you want to join us?
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freegameswow added 3 games:
The Rainbow Princess
Rainbow Princess is a very magical and beautiful girl. She has a lot of dresses, shinning accessories and magical winds in her big wardrobe. Take your time to pick the best ones and then help her try them on. You konw, Rainbow Princess is looking forward to your arrival. Let's go !
Outwit Ball Uniform2
Sheldon invite his friends to watch the football world cup in his home. They are so excited that they wear Sheldon's precious ball uniform home after watching the game. Let's secretly help Sheldon get his cherished uniform back! Have fun!
Tom Cat Clean Room
Tom cat invites Angela to his home. Now the beautiful lady Angela is outside the door. But Tom's room is all in a mess and he doesn't have enough time to clean up! Let's help him do the room cleaning!
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freegameswow added a new game Justin Beard Salon
Justin come to our beard salon, he is prepare for his new concert, let's give him a great new beard style. Have fun!
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freegameswow added 5 games:
The China Princess
In ancient china, girls often wear long dresses which will not expose their skin. Rich people would wear expensive and shinning jewelries to make themself feel noble and elegant. Today we will have the chance to meet a beautiful China princess and learn about the traditional Chinese clothing culture. Now please help her dress up!
Goat shoot Balloon
You need to shoot down all balloons in limited time to pass a level. Time prop will pause the game, fruit prop will affect vision and extra balloon will get you extra scores.
Bears and Hunter
Bears cartoon describes the protection of forests and deforestation occurred Xiong Dahe bear two and head and the funny fight story. Come and play to see what the two protagonists in the game happened..
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World Cup Girl
The 2014 Brazil world cup is attracting the attention of the people all over the world. World Cup Girl wants to dress up hot and glamourous. Lets help her!
Beautiful Pisces Girl
Pisces is the last palace in astrology twelve signs, which represents secret dreams, subconscious mind.Let help the beautiful Pisces Girl dress up!
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Unfreeze Angry Birds
Summer is coming! The angry bird and his friends are frozen in the cold world. Now you need to do your best to unfreeze them! Let's make them reunite again! Have fun!
Elsa Bed Time
It's time for Baby Elsa to go to bed! First, your need to make the bed, and then tell Elsa her favorite story until she fall into sleep! Let's try this game and see if you can become a great baby-sitter! Have fun!
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Matching Game DIY
You must be tired of the old same matching games, but have you ever thought of making a matching by ourselves? First select pictures from local computer and then clip these pictures to icons that you want to use in your matching game. The game will provide you the fun of DIY. Just try it!
Jet Gas BBQ
There is someone try to use jet gas to have a BBQ. Can you help him to cook ? Be care about the fire.Let's have a try!
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freegameswow added 6 games:
I Love Big Lollipop
Olivia is a sweety girl and her favourite food is lollipop. Today is her birthday. Her parents will buy her a lots of lollipops and take her to park. She is very excited! Lets help her dress up and make her sweety and beautiful as lollipops.
Baby Clinic
Baby will become an intern doctor!But before she officially do the work,she needs to learn how to give an injection!Let's see her practice result!Have fun!
Elsa Massage
Princess Elsa feels so tired after all the hard work! She needs a thorough massage to get all the exhaustion away! You have to make her feel so relax! Have fun!
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Spongebob Cannon Hamburger
Join the fun physic puzzle game! Use cannon shoot SpongeBob out, help him got his favorite hamburger. Have fun!
Protect Olaf
Protect the cutest snowman Olaf from melting by the rain! Have fun!
Pou Juggling Football
The 2014 FIFA World Cup is coming! In order to join this football feast,Mr Pou is do his best to practice!Don't let the ball drop on the floor!Try to challenge higher scores!Have fun!
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freegameswow added a new game Angry Birds Crazy Racing
Join the crazy racing game of Angry Birds and Bad Piggies!Show your driving skill! Win all 8 challenge levels!
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Flappy Sonic And Tails
Fun addictive game of Sonic and Tails, show our skill, fly as far as you can, challenge the higher score! Have fun!
Flash 2048
A fun math game, although it is a simple addition operation, but you want to accumulate small numbers to 2048 is not an easy thing to note is that only the same number before they can accumulate. Want to try it?
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