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freegameswow added 3 games:
Frozen Magic Remove
Allen Dale Kingdom, living with two lovely little princess, Aisha and Anna. Aisha was born with the ability to manufacture ice, along with the growth of the age, her ability is more and more strong, even at the risk of her sister's life away. Aisha created their own kingdom of ice, and Allen dale is in terrible cold.
Island Tour
The pretty girl plans to spend her holiday on this beautiful island. Will you help her pick the best outfit for the tour?
Big Talk Marksman
Fist can't be fast than sword, and sword can't be fast than bullet. You can use many kinds of skills and weapons in the game to win the battle!
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freegameswow added 5 games:
Hair Design NO2
This is a very creative hair design game. The game is divided into two patterns: challenge mode and free mode. There are 12 levels in challenge mode. At first, you need to wash hair for model. Then you can design the hair style for model using the hair tools. You must make sure that her or his hair style and accessories are similar to the image which is given. As for the free mode, you just need to give full play to your imagination. You can design hair style freely according to your mind.
Talking Ginger New Semester
New semester begins! Talking Ginger would be back to school. Let's help him prepare for the day. Brush teeth, wash face, clean the claws and ear, and then put on new clothes and bags. Give him a great new look so he will be happy back to school. Have fun!
Kristoff Kiss Anna
Kristoff and Anna fall in love with each other on their adventurous trip to save the Kingdom.But they don't want others know about that.Let's help them cover their relationship from Elsa and Olaf.And they will kiss each other secretly!Have fun!
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Repair Optimus
In the war,Optimus was stabbed in the chest by Lockdown and was nailed on the wall.In the critical moment,his friends came to save him and killed Lockdown.But they failed to catch Galvatron.At the same time,Optimus was seriously wounded.He needs our help.Please do whatever you can to repair him.Let him go back to the battle again!
The Ghost Palace
The ghost palace is the evil lair. Red warrior finally reached there and a huge fight is about to begin. Come on! You will help the red warrior beat all evils! I believe in you!
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freegameswow added 3 games:
Spiritual Guardian 2
You are the Spiritual Guardian of the heart! The heart is under attack. As its guardian, will you shoulder the task of protecting it?
Transformer Vs Monsters
This time the hero of the Spiritual Guardian is the transformer! The heart is under attack. Monsters are all very strong. Will you successfully beat them?
Little Baby Care
This is a cute baby. She is very happy in bed now. But her mother is going out. She needs your care. You should note taht the baby may have dirty diapers. When the baby cry, you need to check her diaper, give the baby a good clean up, put a new diaper, and then coax the baby to be happy. At last, you can dress up the baby and make her look more cute!
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freegameswow added a new game Colorful Dream
Colorful bricks, colorful dream, in view of the colorful world, eliminating the colorful bricks, it can achieve their dreams.
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Care Baby Platypus
Today, we will take care of a cute platypus, he has been playing outside all the day, now he is full of mud. Let him take a shower, feed him, and play with him! Have fun!
Transformers Energon
There are many mutant monsters in the desert, released by Galvatron and Megatron, are preparing to lanuch a general attack to Asia. Optimus Prime comes to crush the evil conspiracy.Do not let the corrosive monsters get close, or the game will over. You target is to kill the more mutant monsters as you can, and get energon.
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freegameswow added a new game Cute Baby Dress
Shelly is a very cute and obedient baby in the nursery. Do you want to help the nurse take care of her today? You will have a good time to spent the day looking after her. But be careful to be a good nurse, give her what she needs and keep her happy!
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freegameswow added 4 games:
Hair Design NO1
You have a shop named Hair Design NO1. You job is to help girls design beautiful hairstyle which suits their temperament and give them advice on matching outfits and accessories! Now there is a customer, see who can make her look best at last!
Barbie Puzzle
Restore the jigsaw puzzle and have the vivid display of barbie's life! You gonna love it! Have fun!
Spiritual Guardian
The Supreme Strygwyr finally appeared! He was born in ignorance and has powerful magic strength. Simple assault is difficult to subdue him. Besides, he has sommoned the evil power to help him. To beat him and to protect the spiritual heart, the fighter must have higher wisdom! Combat! Juvenile! Combat! Spiritual guardian!
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Pou Fix Spaceship
Pou driving his spaceship crashed on a strange planet. He must collect 8 important parts to fix his spaceship! Let's go adventure with Pou in the planet. He needs to overcome kinds of difficulties and collect all important parts to complete the adventure and escape from the strange planet!
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freegameswow added 5 games:
Spank Cute Baby Booty
Naughty Baby has difficulty finishing meal. Mom is so angry about it! Now we need to punish the baby to make her be good, and let the baby eat meal! Have fun!
Little Pony Hair Salon
The new semester will begin, our little pony would back to school, let's help her make a great new hairstyle, you can cut her hair, make it grown, choose your favorite color for her hair, add some beautiful accessories. Have fun!
Ultraman vs devils
The planet is occupied by devils! Come to save the planet,Ultraman!The fate of the planet is in your hand!
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Empty Bottle Water
Add certain amount of water to the specified bottle. You may need you mathmatic skills to figure out how you can do it. Have fun!
Crazy Iphone Destroyer
Do you want to destroy the apple products one moment in time when you use them? That's terrific! You will realise your dream in this funny game. Use various tools to destroy iphone,ipad,iMac. Enjoy yourself!
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freegameswow added a new game Three Sisters Dress Up
Three beauties are going to play, but they don't know how to dress up. Would you like to help them dress up together? Have fun!
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freegameswow added a new game Warm Wedding Girl
Wedding is very important in every girls life. It is usually only one time in one's life, so it should be different and romantic. But it will take a long time to prepare the wedding ceremony, so the bride usually feel very busy and tired. Let's help the happy bride. Look, the bride is dressing now, let's help the bride making a fashion hairstyle and match the shinning accessories. Then try every style of wedding dresses until the best one. Beside, choose a beautiful and comfortable shoes for her. And don't forget to choose a big and tasty wedding cake for the wedding ceremony. Come on, they will be very grateful to you .
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Surround Angry Bird
Surround Angry Bird is a fun puzzle game that you need to use the shortest possible roadblocks to prevent angry birds escape. See how many steps you will need. Have fun!
Leg Lengthening Operation
Lisa is a short girl. So her friends often make fun of her height. Lisa feels so bad about it and thinks that her friend are always laughing at her. And she feels the sense of inferiority. To change herself, Lisa makes an very important decision!
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freegameswow added a new game Barbie Match Up
Do you like Barbie? Do you like matching up? If the answers are both yes, Then you will like to play "Barbie Match Up" with Barbie sisters and their toys.
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Armor Hero Adventure
Armor hero get the secret of Dr. Lee, found a lot of different vaccines, please help them collect all of the vaccine, but watch out for enemy......
Three Girls Dress Up
The three girls are best friends. They are all lovely. Now they are going out for a holiday! Please give them the best look so that they will enjoy their day of outing! Have fun!
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freegameswow added a new game Doctor Anna Foot
Look, Anna was badly injured on her feet in the fighting with the Snow Giant! She was very worried about her sister. She wants to stand up and continue to fight but she cannot. So she needs some help. Can you help her? She will be very grateful to you! Come on! Clean up the feet and choose a pair of comfortable shoes!
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freegameswow added 3 games:
Loew Pluck Nose Hair
Loew not only likes eating his booger, but also likes plucking his nose hair. Look! Loew's nose hairs are growing so long. You need to pluck them very quickly! Have fun!
Tom Cat Craniotomy Surgery
Tom cat has serious epilepsy, and it is a seizure disease that attacks in some cases.He has tried many ways to cure it, but sadly they all doesn't work and cann't even alleviate the symptom. It is like a chronic disease. So a surgery is his last choice!
Dream Cosmetic Surgery
For some reason, Lisa becomes an indoorswoman who eats a lot of food at home! Day after day! Year after year! She stays more and more at home and becomes fatter and fatter! One day, she sees a cosmetic surgery advertisement on the TV! And she wants to do it!
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freegameswow added a new game Doctor Care Cat Ear
The pets are good friends of human and they will bring us much happiness. So we should take care of them. Look at the cat in the game, her ears are full of parasites. Can you help the cat and kill off all the parasites using the medical tools? After of all the steps, don't forget to dress up her lovely, because the master of the cat will take her go to the Cat Party. Now let's begin. The cat will be very grateful for you! Play the game and have fun!
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freegameswow added 3 games:
Pou Day Care
Pou likes football very much! He plays with friends in the ground all day...Unfortunately,heavy rain coming...Pou covered in mud. Lets take care of Pou, give him a great shower,choose some new dress for him. Have fun!
Elsa Ice Cream Shop
It is so hot in the summer that I must eat some ice cream! I decide to buy it in the ice cream shop on the road crossing. To my surprise, the manager is Elsa in the famous movie Frozen. I can't believe it! But when she uses her magic power to make ice cream, I am totally shocked! Let's have a taste of it! Have fun!
Ginna's Bike
Do you like to ride bike? Do you like the girl that riding on the bike? Come to dress up the girl, have fun!
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun dress up
Water valley P is a cool girl, spring loves her, and also loves to go to school with her.In this way, warm, funny, the youth story begins.
CLANNAD dress up
In a small town, the protagonist Okazaki Tomono lived a poor life in the light of ban University, and hoping that one day he can leave the town. In April 14th, he came not a stop until seeing the girl in the school before the ramp.His friends also became to know this "Furukawa Nagisa" girl, his life changed a lot.
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freegameswow added 4 games:
Caesarean Birth
An aborting pregnant woman is sent to the emergency room! Doctor, we need you to do a caesarean operation for her. Please save the mother and the baby! You are the only hope of them! Please do your best!Have a try!
Angela Shaving
Look at her! How can Angela bear her long messy hair? Get your scissor and give Angela a happy shaving! Have fun!
Let The Football Fly
Players need to kick all the enemies to death, and then kick the ball into the goal to pass the game.
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Minions Become Fireman
Minions wants to become a great fireman. But he has to pass many test in the fire scene. Go get your water pipe, and put out these fires! Have fun!
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freegameswow added 2 games:
Bears Brother Care Baby
Happy summer vacation has come. The bears brother has got the mission of taking care of a cute baby. Come and see who can take best care of the baby!
Angry Bird Forest Adventure
Have a great adventure with angry bird in the dangerous forest. Complete all challenge levels! Good luck!
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